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Marian has been a technology addict ever since he can remember and has always considered himself a sort of a geek. And it’s this exact affinity to geekdom that has made him pursue his passions in a thorough manner and allowed him to add various layers to his life, every single one involving creativity brought to life through technology.

In the past 15 years, he’s also been a music producer and sound designer as part of a personal project called “Dualtrx”, which he’s been developing out of sheer passion. “In Conflict” is the producer’s fourth studio album and features 15 tracks with influences that range from musique concrète, industrial, electro and trip-hop.

“In the past few years, I’ve been inspired a lot by dawless music production and I found myself using the modular synthesizers setup more than ever. In Conflict is a demonstration of that approach and type of performance and marks a pretty drastic change in my sound from my previous releases. All the tunes on this album are made using only hardware synths, without using the DAW or any other software of that sort.”

Location Bucharest/ Romania
Labels Logitune Records
Genres Ambient Electronica Experimental Techno
Instruments Arp 2600 Elektron Eurorack Make Noise Moog Tape Loops