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Jesper Pedersen

Jesper Pedersen is a composer and performer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Focusing on the modular synthesizer as a real-time compositional vehicle and using improvisation, exploration and listening in the process for sonic creation. His work explores timbre, texture and noise that interacts in layers with slow moving intensity contours. Occasionally augmented with field recordings captured in nature or urban settings the music attempts to create an inner poetic landscape; partly abstract partly reflecting real world sonic experiences.

Pedersen is an avid DIY’er and has assembled a custom Serge Modular performance system that combines the somewhat more portable Eurorack format with the superior flexibility of banana patches.

He has performed in Europe, North America and Australia and is currently collaborating with groups like: Harp & Arp, Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet and Stormkrókur and the Icelandic experimental composers collective S.L.Á.T.U.R.

Besides his work with modular synthesizers Pedersen also writes for acoustic instruments using experimental animated notation.