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Julien Boudart

Julien Boudart has been performing and composing on electronic music instruments since the mid 90’s. He made his first musical experiments on crude diy circuits, a modded radioshack toy organ and a pair of cassettedecks. He has been active in the parisian free party scene until the beginning of the 00’s. He then focused more on collaborations with acoustic performers, often in context of collective improvisation.

The Korg MS20, which he has been playing since 1996, has long been his instrument of choice. Modular synths, particularly the Serge, have been taking an increasing role in its music since 2015. Aside his solo works, he is involved in a handful of regular bands and projects, works for theater, radio and multimedia performances.

Coming from a background of mathematics and social science, he also pursues a theoretical work since the 90’s. In 1998 he co-founded Tiqqun, a political philosophy review. Reflections about the social, political,religious and magical functions of musical performance, and their historical genealogy accompany most of his artistic projects of the last 10 years.