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R.C. Hoffmann

German painter, multimedia artist and musician R.C. Hoffmann (born 1969 in Karlsruhe) deals with issues of identity and origin in a digitized world. In his works the disintegration of (photo-)reality into pixels, bytes and compression artifacts is contrasted by classic painting technique or analog electronic sounds.

Hoffmann studied mathematics, computer science, art and law in the United States (Deerfield Academy, Columbia University) and Frankfurt before starting his first multi-media project *tmx, which translated super-learning techniques from the 70s to the digital world to create a new artistic approach to language learning using hundreds of self-made photographs. This project was well received in the media, praise from Spiegel magazine (“Spherical exercises”), Focus, FAZ and WDR television caused the software *tmx to climb to the top of the software charts. More recently, Hoffmann focuses primarily on painting and music.

Location Germany
Genres Ambient Experimental IDM
Instruments Serge