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Scott Lukas

Scott A. Lukas is an educator, cultural anthropologist, author (of The Immersive Worlds Handbook), and composer-performer who enjoys sharing his craft in public performances and on YouTube. He studied music theory, music performance, ethnomusicology, improvisation, and transcription and analysis at Albion College, Indiana University (where he performed an original opera, Und So Weiter), and the University of Iowa.

His work focuses on the composition and performance of contemporary experimental electronic, electroacoustic, sonic-based, and homemade-instrument-focused musical expressions. In an era in which ready-made apps and technologies have been applied to music, he is concerned with preserving an authentic voice for avant-garde music in the contexts of contemporary consumer society. His artistic process includes an emphasis on the production of music and sound at the most fundamental levels, including experimentations with sound devices, technology, recording equipment, and other forms.

His music includes the use of hand-made alternative string and percussion instruments, electronic wind synthesizers and vocal devices, Eurorack modular synthesizers, electroacoustic amplification systems (for the performance of ambient sounds from the environment), electroacoustic sound systems (using motors and solenoids), circuit-based electronic experiments and Arduino-focused designs, and other experimental sound sources that challenge the accepted norms of sound and music. He is the host of Modular-Station’s show Modular Worlds.