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Sesiones Subterraneas Sonoras (SSS)

Sesiones Subterráneas Sonoras is a group formed at the beginning of the year 2020,
integrated by Erico Schick and Lito Castro.

Its name, Sesiones Subterraneas Sonoras (Sound Underground Sessions) or SSS, is taken from the improvisations with electronic and electroacoustic media (synthesizers and analog processes) and filming of them, looking for an aesthetic that breaks with structures, dynamics and music of a prevailing hegemonic sound environment. The musical result is expressive and with strong dynamic, generating forceful and diverse sound textures and colors. Every encounter sound is recorded in the same way it was performed, in a playful and free way.

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Electro-Acoustic Electronica Experimental
Instruments DIY Eurorack Field Recording Moog Voice