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Tangled Waves

Tangled Waves is a live audiovisual duo formed in London and based in Montreal.
Their work explores experimental, melodic and progressive modular synthesis, immersed in real-time, hand-drawn and organic digital visuals. Tangled Waves is a one-of-a-kind experience, where fantasy, imagination, and oneirism take the center stage.

Their debut album, Signal from VALIS, inspired from sci-fi classics, was released in May 2020. Their second album, Space, released in April 2022, gathers materials from their live performances for Modular World, Data Cult Audio, and the Colorado Modular Synth Society Skies collection. Their third album, Aeons, was released on Bandcamp on August 30th, 2023.

Tangled Waves have played live in concert venues in London, Brighton, Tokyo, Paris, Reykjavik, and New York.
They are regulars of the Modular & Synths Quebec meetups, Brain Freeze Mtl, and the Montreal Modular Mondays.

Tangled Waves were resident artists of the Estonian Artists Association in Muhu, Estonia in August 2023.

Location Montreal, Canada
Labels IAO records
Genres Ambient Cinematic Electronica Experimental
Instruments Eurorack Make Noise Moog