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Vinx Scorza

Vincenzo Scorza

Vincenzo Scorza – also know as Vinx Scorza – focuses his research on the meeting point between music and new technologies, giving life to projects based on live electronics and instant composing, which in the most recent developments investigate the behaviour of modular synthesizers.

Totally immersed in the live dimension of the music, he boasts several participations in national and international experimental contexts.

He graduated in Electronic Music at the “G.B. Martini” Conservatory in Bologna and in Performing Arts (Music) at the University of Bologna, he is also a teacher of electronic music production.
Activator of many artistic experiences, over time he has started several musical projects – soloists or in synergy with other artists.

He is also an audio technician and a sound designer for experimental theatre companies, becoming a finalist in his category for the 2018 Ubu Prizes.

Location Bologna, Italy
Genres Ambient Electro-Acoustic Electronica Experimental Glitch
Instruments Eurorack