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Geof Carter

Geof Carter has been creating music as ‘zengomi’ since 1989. He began working with Eurorack modules in 2014. Very quickly he became fascinated with the freedom of possibility offered by modular synthesis. As a dedicated recordist, Geof documented his patches from the earliest months of what, in 2022, is now approaching 8 years of creative focus. While he uses and appreciates modules (and other gear) rooted in the digital world, the rich, enticing vibe of analog inspires and informs his music. Combining a spirit of experimentation and a respect for history, to date Geof has released 9 albums of modular music on Bandcamp. His modular system has grown to 329 modules (3,701 HP). It literally surrounds him.

Location Virginia, USA
Genres Ambient Cinematic Concrete Drone Experimental Generative Noise Soundscapes
Instruments Eurorack