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Modulisme SESSION


MODULISME & MODULAR-STATION are working very close together in a strong partnership.

Modulisme is a platform supporting leftfield MODULAR SYNTHESIS. A radio program, magazine, and above all label-like offering music for you to listen to… Composers recording a 1 hour session.

Philippe Petit started MODULISME in the Summer of 2019, as a logical continuation of his prestigious label BiP_HOp which from 2000 to 2010 advocated left field Electronica, and sees this new stage as the very first platform dedicated to the promotion of modular synthesis, offering an informative approach, interviews, resources on the subject… And above all hours of original music.

Modulisme acts as a label offering exclusive sessions of one hour in order to highlight each of the composers.
It is also a radio show broadcast via Resonance FM in London; CAMP Radio in the rest of England; Panik (Brussels) + Jet FM (Nantes) + Ego des Garrigues (Montpellier) and Campus Grenoble + Modular-Station. For us, he assembled-summarized a kind of inventory since by going to the platform you will find more than 40 hours. new music …


Ophir Ilzetzki (*1978) is a classically trained composer of experimental music living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He holds a doctorate in music from the Southampton University, where he studied under Michael Finnissy, as well as an MMus from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and a BA from the Koninklijk Conservatorium – both in composition.
Ilzetzki’s music explores various forces through instrumental, electronic, computer, performance, task and conceptual scores, where his works often research the intersection between through-composed and improvised pieces. Ilzetzki’s ongoing compositional goal is to strip forms to their bare essentials whilst still maintaining their identity. In recent years Ilzetzki has been applying games to musical structures, as well as focusing on alternative avenues for scoring music – an activity often leading to the meeting of music with dramaturgy.
Ophir’s music is regularly performed in Israel and abroad, and has been featured in numerous international festivals, such as: Tectonics, MATA, Norwich and Norfolk Festival, ACL Asian Music Festival, ISCM World Music Days, City of London Festival, Israel Festival, and more.
His works have been published by: Open Source, Stenton Press, Classwar Karaoke, Surrism Phonoethics, False IND…

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