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Album of the week – “Music To Come Down To” by Tim Held

Each week MODULAR-STATION is highlighting an album for a daily show.

This week, we are pleased to welcome Tim Held and his album ““Music To Come Down To” (Flag Day Recordings)

Music To Come Down To is Tim Held‘s 3rd full-length release, but his first entirely composed on a modular synthesizer. As the title suggests, the album was made with a specific goal in mind; to guide the listener down from an overly-active to calm and cool state of consciousness.

Whether you are anxious, having trouble sleeping, or at the tail end of a spirit quest, Music To Come Down To can act as your parachute to decelerate your ascent and help you appreciate your view on the way back down to solid ground.

Keep your ears wide open, because WE ❤️ MODULAR