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“Drinking the Acheron River at Its Source” by Philippe Petit

A prequel to “My Divine Comedy”…

Philippe Petit has completed his most ambitious work to appear on Cronica early in 2024,
“My Divine Comedy”, taking Dante Alighieri’s immense poem as a point of inspiration and developing a double album soundtrack-voyage.

“Drinking the Acheron River at Its Source” was composed just after and is what one might call a prequel since its story precedes that of the previously created work and depicting Dante dreaming that he is with Virgil alive and bathing in the legendary river, accidentally drinking the poison that will engulf them and mark the beginning of the journey…

Dante had a dream
Meeting Virgil
Leading to the waters of Acheron.
Thick with mire
Of fathomless flood
A whirlpool seethes and belches all its purity
Just as blue as autumn,
The desire to bathe too strong,
To lose one’s footing is easy and the cup will drink whoever is not careful…
The poison shall creep in and the journey to the underworld’s entrance begin

Philippe Petit celebrates forty years of activism in 2023!

Born in Marseille, South of France, he started Djing, animating radio shows and editing zines in 1983. His current and past projects and collaborations can be found at and
paru le 11 juillet 2023

Prepared Piano-Soundboard + Daxophone-Teponazli + Cymbalom + String Exciter + Spectral Processor + Voices + Buchla System 200 & Serge 73/75 Analog Synthesizers.

Art by Idées Chauves (Guillaume Amen).