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“The Ninth Planet” by Boodaman

A little over two years have passed since “Subsequent”, Boodaman’s last album.
The years have gone by, their music has evolved and become richer, but their essence has remained.

We are now in the post-COVID era and it is high time to (re)think the future by imagining all the perspectives available to us. It is in this context that Boodaman has imagined and composed his fourth album “The Ninth Planet”. An exciting and inspiring context which reaches its full potential in tracks such as “Hope” or “TheNinth Planet”. Yet, the melancholy shows up in the background (“Dust of Time”, “Maxity”) where rhythmic elements modestly withdraw to make room for two touching tracks, filled with a certain fine sadness. “Hiding Place”, a track with resolutely synthwave colors brings everything back into perspective since the artist provides for the first time a sung track in addition to its instrumental version. Jadhé, Canadian R&B artist of Haitian origin, does the honors.

“The Ninth Planet”: the ninth planet of the solar system which existence, more or less proven by calculations, has never been verified. The album’s main theme is based on the analogy between the potential existence of this planet and the… afficher plus
paru le 19 mai 2023

All tracks on this album were composed, produced and mixed by Stéphane Caviglioli at Onex/Geneva (CH) exepted the track “The Ninth Planet” mixed by Igor Chevalier @Strobstudio (FR)

Mastering by Chris McCormack @ Blacklisted Mastering (UK)

Art cover by Hannes Pasqualini @ Papernoise (IT)

Vinyl layout by Jeremy Philippe (CH)