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Nntblst – After me, the deluge

A veteran of improvised modular live sets, Nntblst has extracted from his live sessions “After Me, The Deluge”, his last EP released by Machine Ouverte.

Recently, Nntblst (or Nontablist) has honed his high-energy, hypnotic techno lives, making a compact, effective live-oriented modular case. His improvised sets captivate with warm sound atmospheres, mysterious textures, and fast-paced rhythms.

He used his live experience to create a vibrant EP. Following the artistic direction of the label, it was composed and recorded live, to maintain all its original dynamism and spontaneous charm. Nntblst shows us here a perfect mastery of his instrument.

The EP is composed of 5 tracks that form a coherent and flawless whole. We navigate through gritty and enchanting atmospheres, contrasted by a thumping intensity throughout the listening.

“After me, the deluge” is undoubtedly a mature, rich and striking EP.

Artist: Nntblst

Title: After Me The Deluge EP
Label: Machine Ouverte
Mastering: Paul Mac / Hardgroove Studio
Cover artwork: Béatrice Lortet
Listen link :