Odalie – Puissante Vulnérabilité (PREVIEW)

Mesh is proud to announce the forthcoming debut album by French producer and musician Odalie.

Puissante Vulnérabilité is out Fri 29th September.

In the natural world, some believe that cooperation is more valuable than competition. Whilst others can justify individualistic behaviours as a product of nature, the opposite sometimes can emerge as the truth. The law of nature is in fact based on a subtle balance between many entities and many living worlds, connected in spite of themselves, and yet deeply interdependent. It is this notion that Sophie Griffon, aka Odalie, uses as a thematic launchpad for her ambitious new album Puissante Vulnérabilité (Powerful Vulnerability).

In a world that often labels vulnerability as a weakness, Odalie laments on the importance of embracing our reliance upon each other as a crucial part of survival. In short, we need to collectively find the courage to show ourselves as imperfect and fragile as a way of moving forward.

Puissante Vulnérabilité attempts to contribute to this discussion with an album full of contrasts and raw emotions, interspersed with moments of quietude and a heavy dose of experimentation. Creating complex arrangements with a wide range of… afficher plus
paraît le 29 septembre 2023

Artwork by Alma Alta
Original tracks written, produced and mixed by Odalie
Mastered by Chris at Blacklisted Mastering
Released on Mesh
℗ & © 2023 Mesh