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“Buchla Now” by Ultraviolet Light Records

To celebrate its 5th year and 20th release, cassette label Ultraviolet Light has cooked up something truly special: Buchla Now, a collection of new music created on synthesizers designed by Don Buchla, the visionary instrument maker, inventor/physicist, circuit designer, musician, and founder of what has popularly become known as the “West Coast Style” of synthesis.

Buchla Now features music from Marcia Bassett, Suzanne Ciani, Dan Deacon, Jonathan Fitoussi, Steve Horelick, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Hans Tammen, and compilation curator Todd Barton. Suzanne Ciani once said of Don Buchla that his “unique mindset allowed him to be outside the popular notion of what electronic music was.” Each of these artists, in their own way, carries on this tradition of boundary-pushing music, expanding the very notion of what music can be.
paru le 2 août 2021

A1. Jonathan Fitoussi, Planète Sauvage (Buchla Music Easel)
A2. Todd Barton, Apeiron (Buchla Music Easel)
A3. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Moon like a Marble (Buchla Music Easel)
A4. Marcia Bassett, Influence Scrambler (Buchla 200 Modular)
B1. Dan Deacon, Unseen Objects (Buchla Easel Command)
B2. Hans Tammen, ääniä (Buchla Music Easel)
B3. Steve Horelick, Spirals of an Inner Life (Buchla Music Easel and Buchla 200e)
B4. Suzanne Ciani, Empty Skies (Buchla 200e)