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Synthisis Sonoris 1

“Hommage to EMS” Synthisis Sonoris I – Modulisme Session 057

Synthisis Sonoris is bursting out as a companion to the seventh installment in our I.T.A.T.I.O.M. series dealing with Inventors Talking About Their Instruments Or Modules. Gathering composers playing synthesizers designed by the legendary EMS which changed the face Electronic music back in the 70s… Mythical and typically associated with the British avant-garde highlights in the 70s from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop/White Noise/Delia Derbyshire to Pink Floyd, Brian Eno… But also to European composers like Pierre Henry, Bernard Parmegiani, André Stordeur… In a few years the VCS3 + Synthi AKS made their marks within the experimental, electroacoustic groups all over the place and the Synthi proved to be one of the best resource for any live, easy to carry and so immediate. Legendary, unparalleled in sound, it gives a feeling of being alive and untamed. Trying it causes severe addiction !!!

In order to make your listening easier to digest I have chosen to divide « Synthisis Sonoris » into 3 sessions. Hope that this first one may bring a smile to your ears…
paru le 22 décembre 2021

Cover Artwork : Guillaume Amen
A&R: Philippe Petit