“Hypertelic” by Ben Carey

hypertely, n. | /hʌɪˈpəːtɪli/ extreme development of size, patterns of behaviour, mimetic coloration, etc. beyond the degree to which these characteristics are apparently useful.

Hypertelic is a collection of abstract works, each recorded in a single take on a eurorack modular synthesiser. These tracks are borne from the push and pull between simple, low-level control processes, resulting in works that foreground feedback, complex modulations and asymmetrical rhythms.

The album was first broadcast as an exclusive mix for ‘Faith in Strangers’ on Nomad Radio in late 2019. Thanks to Nicholas Glascott for inviting me to put together this mix.
paru le 13 juillet 2021

Eurorack modular synthesiser | Ben Carey
Mixing & Mastering | Ben Carey
Artwork | Joshua Hyde/Ben Carey