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“In Broken Light” live from Dutch modular Fest by J Daniel Cramer

n Broken Light
Recorded live at:
Dutch Modular Fest on September 3rd, 2022
in Utrecht, Netherlands

Live Video:

This album is the result of months of work, creating the patch and rehearsing it, traveling to The Netherlands and finally experiencing the thrill of performing it live with Amsterdam dancer, Danique Scipio.

The three albums I recorded while in Utrecht, Amsterdam, and London are all inspired by the ways in which societies view those with mental health issues and trauma based experiences.
paru le 29 octobre 2022

J Daniel Cramer Music and patch design
Danique Scipio Interpretative dance
Axel Zonneveld live sound
Frank Janssen Video footage
Robert Pabst Video footage
Red & Risky Cover model
Peter Diablow Cover photography

special thanks to:
Allert Aalders, Bart Wolff,
Menno Zijlstra, Jurgen Winkel
and all the other
fine folks at DMF,
Jan from Modular404,
Technopolis music gear,
Nightlife Electronics,
Tiptop, Doepfer,
Red for being my tour giude,
Gergis for all the Pancakes,
My Netherland fans
and most of all
my supporters on Patreon!
Zoie & Doug