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“Lighghthouse” by Chad Mossholder

Chad Mossholder of Twine (Ghostly, Hefty, Komplott, BiP_HOp)
is a sound designer for video games like Everquest, DC Universe Online and Doom.
The “Lighghthouse “ album is a DSP journey with hints of Trevor Wishart and Curtis Roads and dashes of Graeme Revell and Zoviet France. Not since the early days of Richard Devine’s “Aleamapper” or Phoenecia’s “Brownout” have we released an album this rich in Max/MSP and Kyma explorations.

Side 1: (25:26)

Paper Clipping (03:46)
Mudita (04:31)
Fireflies (02:29)
Lus us (04:43)
Web of Time (04:30)
Butterfly Inkwell (05:27)

Side 2: (25:33)

Shade Without Shadow (07:29)… afficher plus
paru le 20 mai 2022

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