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Modulisme Session 051 – 2nd Year BD – by Philippe Petit

I decided that to celebrate our 2 years of existence I’d « compose » a session instead of improvising, and I must confess being quite ecstatic during the few months it took me to complete it. Ecstasy designates a state in which the individual feels himself to be “transported outside of himself” characterized by rapture, vision, enjoyment or extreme joy which hopefully may lead to drifting… Dérive !

I followed the idea of drift as a privileged practice of opening up to the new, the one defined by Debord:

« Among the various Situationist procedures, the drift is defined as a technique of hasty passage through various atmospheres. The concept of drift is indissolubly linked to the recognition of effects of a psycho-geographical nature, each action changing the behavior of individuals and reinforcing the affirmation of a playful-constructive behavior, which opposes it in all points to classical notions of travel and promenade ».

Following the spirit of situationist irreverence and creativity I hope to stimulate a dérive towards a closer listen…