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“Multiple Soundings” by Randall Smith

Sondes (Multiple Soundings) by Randall Smith brings us four years in the life of this versatile composer, condensed into an earjam of seventy-five minutes. Known for his delicately conceived musique concrete collages, typically working with thousands of found sounds, here Smith adds acoustic instruments to the mix, in order to more faithfully reflect the complexity of all he encounters.

Filled with sorrow, celebration and dance, Smith plunges into worlds we’re unable to see, in order to bring back, like some explorer of centuries past, some idea of what they might sound like. Whether the sounds of continents taking shape, or the internal chemistries of mother and child, each turn is unexpected, graceful, filled with discovery and invention. If no one has heard music like this before, and no one has, it’s only because each personality fills with the tumult of the world in an entirely new way, like a signature, or fingerprint. Sondes is an invitationto uncover the hidden worlds beneath this one, to cleanse the ears until everything appears as it really is: infinite.
Mike Hoolboom,
paru le 28 septembre 2022

Composer Randall Smith
Remastered by Ernest Cholakis of Numerical Sound