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PPPH 1 (Precise Point Positioning Humans) by Philippe Petit & Porya Hatami

In 2020 our world reached a point of no return, a pandemic forcing human beings to avoid contact with each other, lockdown-ed… Learning from a distance, distance learning not attending any school, but studying from where one lives, or given work to do over the internet… Porya Hatami and Philippe Petit « chose » to work that way, not exactly a choice as the distance between them wasn’t pandemic but didn’t prevent them from exchanging ideas…

Musical ideas started spreading like a virus, originating from bases recorded by Petit playing his Buchla 200 system or EMS Synthi A which were then processed, reassembled by Porya and resent to Philippe to add a final touch… 2 humans were precisely positioning their musical point between dream and reality, redefining a distance in which time becomes elastic.

Music written by Philippe Petit and Porya Hatami
Mastered by Porya Hatami