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STARS by Vincenzo Scorza, Andy Morello & Omri Cohen

STARS – Modular Impro [with patch notes] in collaboration with Bologna UNESCO City of Music presented by Vincenzo Scorza, Andy Morello & Omri Cohen.

From today, on a monthly basis, will be published 9 short improvisations in “no talk” video format, based on modular systems for sound synthesis. The nine videos, composed and performed – three each – by Vincenzo, Andy and Omri, are provided with an overlaid commentary (patch notes), detailing the technical-practical side of the implementation on the device.

visit the STARS project here

First exploration: #1 – VEGA (performer: Vincenzo Scorza)
STARS – Modular Impro is created by Vincenzo Scorza
Funded by Bologna UNESCO City of Music
Co-produced by perAspera Festival / Nove Punti APS
Artists: Vincenzo Scorza, Andy Morello, Omri Cohen
Project Manager: Maria Donnoli
Media partners: Modular-Station, Last Floor Studio / Radio Last Floor, Milano Modulare

Vincenzo Scorza
Omri Cohen
Andy Morello

Bologna UNESCO City of Music
perAspera Festival
Radio Last Floor
Last Floor Studio
Milano Modulare