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“Recontorns” by François Dumeaux, in the XL show Friday Jan 14th

“Recontorns” is a piece created by François Dumeaux for the festival Le Cabanon Diffusions in June 2020. It is an experimental journey through traditional occitan music from the South of France, blended with field recordings, electronic patterns and processes.

Origin of songs (chronological order):
– “De bon matin se lèva” : after Hélène Lassort, Sérignac-Péboudou (47) collected by Monique Bolzon and Pèire Boissière
– « Dins la ribierèta d’Espanha” : after Gilbert Salanié, Marminiac (46) auto-collect, communicated by Xavier Vidal
– “La Paloma” : after Félicien Beauvié, Parranquet (47) collected by Pèire Boissière
– « Se io sabiai volar » : ibid

Instrumentarium includes voice, modular synthesizer, violin, viola, PVC harmonic flutes, bells, cowbells, calls, phonoliths, singing bowls, environmental field recordings (Haut-Agenais, Bigorre, Périgord Vert – FR).

Composed, recorded, mixed et mastered by François Dumeaux in 2020-2021 at studio Tyto Alba in the Haut-Agenais (FR).

Bio :

François Dumeaux is a composer, musician, improviser, teacher and producer born in Rodez (Fance) in 1978. His practice is based around experimental and traditional music through composition, interpretation and improvisation.

From the studio Tyto Alba, he records and produces musicians from the living tradition of occitan music (Aèdes, Pèire Boissière, Bourrasque, Maralha, Les Poufs à Cordes, Phonème, La Preyra, Xavier Vidal, etc.).

Alongside he realizes radiophonic creations, sonic documentaries, sonography for museums andsoundtracks for theater, dance and cinema.
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