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“Subsequent” by BOODAMAN

“Two years after Obédiences Electroniques, the Geneva based artist Boodaman returns with Subsequent, a modest title if at all, since this sequel has nothing to do with logic; it is rather the fruit of a real maturation, of a refinement which leads the electronic producer to his most efficient and complete work to date.”

Subsequent is a little less oriented modular synthesizer than the previous album, nevertheless three tracks were composed exclusively in modular. Will you be guessing which ones?

With the first two singles “Complexity” & “Subsequent”, the album navigates between joy and darkness. Without doubt the kind of state of mind in which we can find ourselves when we are in confinement.
paru le 5 février 2021

All tracks on this album were composed, produced and mixed by Stéphane Caviglioli at Onex/Geneva (CH)

Mastered by Chris McCormack @ Blacklisted Mastering (UK)

Art cover by Annes Pasqualini @ Papernoise (IT)

Vinyl layout by Jeremy Philippe (CH)